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Top Factors to Consider When Choosing a System Integrator

Choosing an integrator for your project can be a confusing task, but don’t worry… JMP is here to help. Below are a few tips on what any company should be looking for when they choose a Systems Integrator.

Resources: As you would with even a household project, you should seek out recommendations of a trusted source. In the System Integrator game – the Control Systems Integrator Association (CSIA) is a good choice. A CSIA certified integrator ensures that industries everywhere have access to low-risk, safe and successful automation applications.

There are other organizations that you can consult as well such as the Robotic Industries Association (if you are looking at a robotics application), as well as partner organizations of companies that may have the right hardware and/or software for your solution.

The media offers another reputable source of unbiased information. The annual list of SI Giants is released at the end of December with CFE Media’s Global System Integrator Report. The report celebrates recent achievements by highlighting integrators who will make a difference in the years to come.

Business Health: It’s important to investigate the business health of a Systems Integrator. How long have they been around? Have they been growing? Do they have a list of customers that will provide a recommendation for a like solution? Are their customers long-term or do they have a long list of “one and done” clients? Again, just as you wouldn’t hire a company to do a project in your house that hadn’t done a similar project for someone else, you need to look for experience, depth of industry knowledge, and qualifications they can show you before you engage.

Bench Strength: Does the integrator you are looking at have the ability to vertically integrate local offerings to achieve business outcomes and deliver on its promise of outstanding service? Do they have enough people on their team to work on your project in “real-time?” You don’t want to contract with a company only to find out that they can’t really work on your project for six months. In order to get here, you need a company that provides you with a project plan that includes a roadmap to success, regular check-ins and check-offs, and regular communication that keeps you informed and involved.

As a top 10 Systems Integrator, JMP Solutions knows what companies are looking for. Being an SI Giant means we have the capacity, bench strength and resources to achieve our customer’s production-related problems. Contact JMP today – we’re here to help!

Visit CFE Media’s Global System Integrator Report for more information.

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