Consumer Packaged Goods

JMPs Automation & Robotics team offers experience in Complete Turnkey Line Integration. We provide robotic packaging and palletizing systems for leading Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies from design, simulation, build, deliver, and install to support.

Our solutions offer flexible case packing systems with automatic product changeovers to support most multi-layer case configurations. Using cutting-edge vision guided, quality inspection and case packing techniques JMP delivers increased production uptime and eliminate packing activity outsourcing.

Whether case forming, bag inserting, carton erecting or palletizing our systems are intended to be simple, safe to operate, and easy to maintain increasing efficiency and reducing risk to manufacturers. Most JMP systems have an IRR of >16% and payback in under 24 months.

Application Experience

Automate the entire process or supplement operators to cost-effectively pick, pack, and palletize by integrating:

  • Product Accumulation and Buffering
  • Vision-Based Quality Inspection
  • Robotic Case Forming
  • Robotic Carton Loading
  • Robotic Bag Assembly


JMP Solutions delivers turnkey primary and secondary packaging solutions, as well as flexible palletizing. Our solutions deliver what is most important to manufacturers in the Food industry – labor cost reduction, increased uptime and throughput (essential for plant profitability), and sanitary design (for increased food safety compliance).

JMP Solutions was first to the industry to offer a patented robotic wash-down solution which is changing the game for selective Clean in Place (CIP) applications. Our high-speed robotic solution picks product by day and self-cleans at night.

Application Experience

Experts in Robotic Food (Raw and Ready-To-Eat) solutions, featuring:

  • High-speed systems for picking random oriented products on a moving conveyor
  • Automated inspection for macro external defects
  • Designed for USDA/AMI hygienic guidelines with complete wash-down sanitation
  • Robotic Eggroll Handling and Inspection
  • Robotic Ice Cream Cone Handling
  • Robotic Cupcake Handling
  • Robotic Brownie Handling
  • Robotic Ice Cream Packaging Handling
  • Robotic Corn Dog Handling and Inspection
  • Sanitary Wash-down for Poultry & Meat Segments

Oil & Gas/Tube & Pipe

JMP is solving some of the most challenging material handling operations in the oil & gas and tube & pipe industries by way of flexible robotics and vision. Designed with a deep understanding of the industries, our solutions stand up to the most rigorous environments. From robotically applying thread protectors to the end of a pipe, to robotically applying couplings, JMP’s team of industry experts have you covered.

Application Experience

  • Autoflex Loader
    The Autoflex Loader is a production-ready, flexible, bin-picking or de-palletizing solution that provides an economical solution to common labor issues.
  • PipeFlex
    JMP’s PipeFlex solutions are designed to automate the ergonomically challenging and often bottlenecking process of manually applying thread protectors and/or couplings to the ends of pipes.
  • Robotic Part Marking
  • Robotic Machine Tending
  • Robotic Bin Picking and Load
  • Triangle Stamp
  • Non-Robotic Greasing/Doping
  • Robotic Greasing/Doping
  • Hooked Pipe Detection
  • Robotic Coupling De-palletizing
  • Robotic Stencilling
  • Robotic Plasma Cutting
  • Robotic Thread Protector De-palletizing and Applying
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