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Soup Line Complaints Cut by 50% after Upgrade - JMP Solutions

February 16th, 2018

The Challenge
Quality is the top priority for this client. Inconsistent quality of their product, as reported by customer complaints, was the key driver for this project. In addition, the line was the reported to be the worst performer in the facility and was equipped with out-of-date technology, resulting in waste and low machine OEE.

This processing line mixes and packages dry ingredients for soup, but was not producing products to specifications thus compromising taste and causing a significant waste of expensive ingredients. There was spillage at the packaging line as well as downtime. They were experiencing several problems with this line such as: no noodles, no mix, no noodles or mix, and spillage (waste) of ingredients.

This client needed to ensure that the amount of each ingredient is exactly to specifications, which results in consistently delivering high-quality soup mix with the same taste, and at the same time reduces production costs.

Our Approach
The fix required was the modernization of the existing packaging line. JMP integrated and commissioned the system with a ControlLogix L61 PLC with Devicenet to communicate to an Ultra 3000 Servo Panel View Plus with an advanced diagnostics alpha display unit.

This new control system regulates the amount of mix on the line, provides part tracking to identify and ultimately reject non-conforming parts as they move through the line, improves regulation for pouches being filled, and ensures that they are not filled if there was an issue with the mix or pouches for any reason.

Our Unique Value
JMP has an ongoing relationship with this client for support and service and therefore has an excellent knowledge of the customer’s requirements and existing production lines. They rely on our strong support services and excellent HMI / PLC programmers. In particular, this project met expectations and was completed within schedule and budget.

The Client’s Success
This client does not always need a financial ROI – they authorize funds in order to reduce the number of consumer complaints regarding their products. The goal for this project was to reduce monthly customer complaints for this dry soup product by 50% and it has been achieved.

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