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As industry 4.0 trends continue to proliferate throughout the manufacturing world, IT/OT interaction, remote access and network security considerations are becoming more of an industry norm every day. While there are simple methods of providing remote access with easily configured devices, validated design, and architecture considerations are often overlooked. These devices can often circumvent existing security tools and the processes that are in place and become back doors, that if not monitored and managed appropriately can impose a serious security risk. JMP will ensure that remote access is deployed to meet the needs of your company, with the expertise to help guide you towards a solution that also meets recommended security standards.

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Our standardized solutions are anything but off the shelf or generic. Instead, they are repeatable, core competence-based systems that we have a reputation of service and quality for across verticals and throughout North America. These solutions are all uniquely JMP, which means that they are uniquely you; collaboratively developed with you, our customer. Standardization simply allows us to provide you with a proven and reliable core system; on time and on budget while providing enough customization to meet your exact specifications.

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