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Disaster Recovery: Redundancy and Backup

As industry continues to evolve towards cyber-physical automation, IT/OT overlap and full Industry 4.0 acceptance and integration, information-based disaster recovery (DR) planning is becoming increasingly critical. Events ranging from natural disasters to cyber-attacks to simple human error instances can result in unplanned and potentially prolonged downtime which threatens to have a substantial impact on every aspect of an organization both internally and externally. JMP provides disaster recovery as a service to help you navigate your high availability and disaster recovery priorities and implement a strategy to minimize the impact of a disaster on you and your customers.

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Our standardized solutions are anything but off the shelf or generic. Instead, they are repeatable, core competence-based systems that we have a reputation of service and quality for across verticals and throughout North America. These solutions are all uniquely JMP, which means that they are uniquely you; collaboratively developed with you, our customer. Standardization simply allows us to provide you with a proven and reliable core system; on time and on budget while providing enough customization to meet your exact specifications.

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