Direct to Case Packers System

Direct to Case Packers

Direct to Case Packers provide a highly efficient and versatile means of performing repetitive, non-value adding tasks to streamline labor requirements and re-allocate labor to value adding tasks requiring human thought, dexterity, and supervision. At JMP, optimizing functionality through flexibility is the focus of our consultative design and build process towards purpose-built case packing solutions which combine advanced conveyance, vision, and robotics systems with customized end-of-arm tooling. Our solutions are not only designed with on-the-fly SKU and recipe change capabilities, but also engineered with the future in mind, allowing for simple system expansion to minimize process bottlenecks and workflow alterations. JMP’s standardization across systems reduces parts inventory while minimizing maintenance related costs, contributing to a short payback period and a clear, measurable ROI.

Robotic system with end of arm tool

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Our standardized solutions are anything but off the shelf or generic. Instead, they are repeatable, core competence-based systems that we have a reputation of service and quality for across verticals and throughout North America. These solutions are all uniquely JMP, which means that they are uniquely you; collaboratively developed with you, our customer. Standardization simply allows us to provide you with a proven and reliable core system; on time and on budget while providing enough customization to meet your exact specifications.

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