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AGV / AMR Material Movement

As industry 4.0 and IIoT technologies continue to proliferate across industries and applications, modern material handling systems are becoming less static and stationary within most facilities. Adoption of AGV and AMR technologies has been instrumental in the evolution of traditional material handling and conveyance systems towards fully integrated material movement solutions that incorporate customized handling appliances mounted to a robotic vehicle (or fleet of vehicles) that navigate plant or warehouse environments autonomously with the guidance of an existing control infrastructure. The integration of autonomous vehicles with material handling appliances introduces the opportunity for more dynamic and fluid material handling and movement processes in manufacturing and warehouse environments in order to increase overall efficiency, productivity and safety.

Autonomous Mobile Robot with Appliance Attached

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MiR600 with Custom Top Module
MiR250 Hook Application
AGV Supervisory Control with Material Handling Appliance Onboard
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