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Automation Roadmapping

Proactive Planning for Long-term Success

AGV & AMR Material Movement

Innovative Autonomous Material Handling Solutions

C-Square Module

Compact 90-Degree Power Turn Conveyor

Prebuilt Industrial Data Centre

Fully Configured, Plug & Play Customized IDC

Remote Connectivity
and Support

Secure and Reliable Remote Access, Network Infrastructure and Support Services

Industrial IT Roadmap

IIoT, Networking, Cybersecurity Assessment and Optimization Planning

Disaster Recovery for Manufacturers

Proactive IT / OT Availability and Recovery Planning

Postal and Courier Integrated Material Handling Solutions

Distribution Center Bulk Parcel Handling and Sortation Solutions

Wind / Unwind Robotic Spool Tending

Automated Robotic Bulk Material Movement

AGV / AMR Supervisory Control Module

Advanced Control Logic for Autonomous Vehicle System Integration

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