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A Plant Goes from Near-Obsolete Chaos to Plant PAx - JMP Solutions

February 17th, 2018

The Challenge
The client was running a legacy Moore Instruments systems – an obscure, “one of a kind” situation – they had three of the nine units manufactured! There were no conversion utilities for these controllers; all had to be manually re-programmed for every change. The plant had multiple legacy platforms and uncoordinated alarms not tied together, requiring intensive efforts to make engineering changes. There were no drawings and poorly maintained documentation, and the hardware itself was practically obsolete.

The foreign ownership of this plant was very reluctant to make any proactive investment, until they had a breakdown of the legacy hardware that cost them in the realm of $200,000. Suddenly, it became apparent that drastic measures were needed to bring the plant up to modern standards. There was a short available shutdown window with very high risk – within hours the project would cross the point of no return. Both process instrumentation and controls elements were to be replaced.

In addition to all of the technical challenges, there was a major concern with operator acceptance. Successful change management would be a major component of the outcome of this project. Although the client wanted to maintain the look and feel of the old IFix system, change was inevitable.

JMP’s Approach
The client evaluated several platforms and OEMs and eventually chose a single integrated platform that integrated processes with the existing PLC-based legacy platform – the Plant PAx process automation system. The project scope was designed to meet current client demands and facilitate future growth while maintaining existing screens for operators to minimize disruption.

Local support was a key factor, as well as superior project management techniques, specific to the solution and migration strategy required for the job. With dedicated customer support, the client only has one number to call to access the expertise required for any technical resource needed for the job.

JMP’s Difference
JMP’s depth and breadth of expertise brought immense value to the project, with experts being brought in from branches as far away as Philadelphia to support the process narratives. The unique JMP project management process in play enabled this monumental project to be completed accurately and delivered on time.

All JMP employees involved in the project demonstrated their commitment to delivering an exceptional customer experience; with considerable hours invested and multiple resources drawn upon from many branches of the organization, the team worked as one to ensure complete client satisfaction.

Client Success
Every indicator shows that the client is satisfied with the results of their new system. In fact, they have willingly allowed JMP to bring other clients to their site for plant tours and have been very enthusiastic in sharing their story of our partnership with them. The time and energy invested have proven worthwhile and once again, a JMP customer has deemed their project a 10 out of 10.

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