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Pipeline Hack Raises Questions and Concerns

How secure is your industrial network? Do you have shared passwords? While working on OT related networks, can you access the internet and your email?

If you have been following the news and happen to work in a process or manufacturing facility, you are probably thinking about how secure your environment is, and if it is at risk for critical production halting threats.  Whether your company manufactures cars, packages food products, or provides an essential resource or goods to society, an attack could be crippling to not only your business but the population who may very well rely on the goods that you produce. The implications of a network breach could not only include huge monetary losses resulting from downtime and halted production, but the negative impact on your brand and reputation could be staggering and, in some cases, unrepairable.

While 95% of cyber attacks are caused by human error, for example, a clicked link or an email that made it through the walls with an attachment targeting vulnerable applications, the question to ask yourself is, “why did a human mistake allow a breach to critical operational technology?”

JMP works closely with customers to assess network and OT related infrastructures and has extensive experience in collaboratively developing roadmaps which prioritize actions and define an ideal future state in order to successfully segregate critical production environments from these threats.  Not only can we assess, but we can provide detailed designs and full implementation to ensure that your company is aligned with security standards and reference architectures that will deliver peace of mind through a fully secured and protected network. Even if you think your network is secure, we can test it to discover vulnerabilities that you didn’t even know you had.

An increasing number of attacks are becoming targeted at specific businesses. Even the companies that have a plan and a strategy can make mistakes, miss critical issues, and in some cases have trouble raising or effectively qualifying the capital to put allocate towards the security solutions required.  The JMP Networking and Security team acts as a partner to not only identify and implement solutions but work collaboratively and seamlessly with company IT and executives to define and clearly illustrate the business case and need for certain technologies and designs as well as the potential impact of their absence.  Our goal is to help companies proactively secure their entire OT infrastructure and prevent the breaches we’re seeing in the news today all too often.

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