Ethernet cables plugged in network switchData CenterControl panel wiring
Ethernet cables plugged in network switchData CenterControl panel wiring

Networking & Security

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Divisional Overview

Our Networking & Security division specializes in assessing, designing and implementing network infrastructure and cybersecurity solutions for the OT environment. We are focused on assisting companies prepare themselves for the digitization of the plant floor by ensuring secure, redundant, scalable solutions are in place with regards to networking, industrial data center infrastructure, and physical infrastructure. Our team of highly trained engineers work with both IT and OT teams at our customers to ensure secure integration between the plant floor network and the enterprise networks are appropriately configured and managed. Each customer has unique existing implementations and standards to which we apply industry standards and architectures assisting our customers in readiness for Industry 4.0.


Standardized Solutions

Disaster Recovery: Redundancy and Backup

Proactive IT / OT Availability and Recovery Planning

Network and security computer station
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Industrial IT Roadmap

IIoT, Networking, Cybersecurity Assessment and Optimization Planning

Servers and network drives
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Remote Connectivity
and Support

Secure and Reliable Remote Access, Network Infrastructure and Support Services

Remote Connectivity
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Prebuilt Industrial Data Centre

Fully Configured, Plug & Play Customized IDC

Data Center
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Our N&S division works to combine leading-edge IT/OT strategies, technologies and architectures to develop efficient and effective solutions, keeping our customers advanced in a rapidly changing digital landscape.

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