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JMP Strikes the Right Balance for Data Collection - JMP Solutions

February 21st, 2018

The Challenge
The client operates fluid milk processing and packaging facilities, with a focus on high-quality products. The client was challenged to achieve production targets on the filling and packaging lines. The reasons for production shortcomings were theoretical, however the client needed undisputed production data to pinpoint root causes and enable continuous improvement initiatives in order to achieve production goals. Going forward, the client wanted to ensure that operators and supervisors were deeply engaged in the process for identifying and solving challenges related to machine downtime, production performance, and quality issues.

Our Approach
JMP and the client specified a solution that would leverage a combination of manual and automatic inputs to ensure that would allow for capturing, reporting and analyzing the root causes of production shortfalls. The solution would leverage Rockwell Automation’s FactoryTalk Metrics and VantagePoint software, with line-side Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) and connectivity to machine controls systems. The system strikes an optimum balance between automatic data collection and the right amount of human interaction and input that drives the operations teams to take ownership of the data and the underlying production challenges. The solution allows for standard and ad-hoc reporting and analysis of downtime events, production performance anomalies and quality issues. The system provides a range of visual representations so critical events can be quickly highlighted and addressed.

Our Unique Value
JMP offered the comprehensive knowledge of control systems, Information systems, manufacturing processes and human engagement factors that are necessary to ensure project success. The post project customer survey recognized the lead JMP Solution Architect as having “amazing” knowledge of the software solutions.

The Client’s Success
The customer has utilized the solution to successfully engage stakeholders in pro-active continuous improvement initiatives based on the data that is collected and analyzed. Stakeholders can now hold rapid, fact-based analysis sessions to discuss issues that are impacting production on an hourly, shift, or daily basis. The client has initiated new procedures on at least two major root causes of machine downtime based on the information gleaned from this project. The customer has also identified the next steps in expanding the functionality and physical footprint of the solution, with plans to roll the system out across multiple lines in the facility while implementing more advanced analytics and reporting capabilities.

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