JMP has been helping companies in the Transportation and Automotive sector improve productivity, increase product quality and deliver projects on time and on budget for more than 30 years. We deliver direct and immediate impact on your production performance, quality, safety, and profitability. JMP can provide automotive manufacturers with consistent project delivery across multiple sites, quick adoption of technology, plant-to-plant best practice sharing and project leadership and execution.  Speak to one of our Technical Experts today or download our Production Lifecycle Process for more information.

VPs of Operations & Plant Management 

Safe, Reliable, Long Term Sustainability and Reducing Costs to drive Profitability – are these things you think about? Our team provides smart manufacturing and automation solutions that have an immediate impact on your operations and bottom line while integrating with your existing systems and processes. Typically, we identify Automotive projects with payback in under 18 months with a >18% return. At the conclusion of any CapEx project, your team will be trained to understand and maintain a system.

Engineering & Maintenance

Our Engineers collaborate and work with your Engineering and Maintenance teams to provide solutions that are easy to maintain and compliment your existing systems and engineering standards.  We drive reliability, safety and reduce downtime while constantly communicating on project status, scope and budgets.

“The JMP team worries about the details so I don’t have to. You listen, recommend, and solve my problems.
Thank you for doing a great job.”

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Application Experience

  • Automotive Department:
    • Assembly, Paint, Body/Weld, Stamping/Press
    • Facilities, Plastics, Powertrain, Tank Farm Automation
  • Information Systems:
    • FIS – Factory Information Systems, QMS – Quality Management Systems
    • BMS – Building Management Systems, PLCs & LCPs, among more
  • Collaborative Robots – Universal robot installs:
    • Paint – Blackout Spray
    • Headliner, backup window glass urethane & window primer

Platform Experience

  • OTTO Motors
  • Mor-Tech
  • Creform
  • Toyota Material Handling USA
  • Shintec
  • Dematic

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