Through decades of experience in the Metals & Mining industries, we have developed a high level of expertise spanning a wide scope of control systems and process automation applications. Our proven project management and execution methodology ensures that solutions are designed and commissioned on-time, on budget and with minimal interruption to critical and continuous processes.

VP of Operations & Plant Management

Our solutions are based around your desired and prioritized business outcomes in order to deliver quick and measurable ROI through increased throughput, quality and safety while reducing your risk parameters and overall cost. Our extensive track record of successful project completion in the Metals & Mining industries ensure peace-of-mind through minimal project related downtime and extensive cutover planning.

Engineering & Maintenance

We fully understand that downtime due to system upgrades and maintenance are a major concern when dealing with continuous industrial processes. We place a strong emphasis on communication, staged commissioning and extensive cutover planning to make sure that we are fully prepared around your shutdown or maintenance schedule in order to minimize process interruptions. Our solutions are designed to be robust with reliability as a key priority in order to drive towards the elimination of down time due to unplanned maintenance.

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