JMP offers processing/sorting equipment and solutions for parcel logistics providers ranging from regional to global shipping corporations. JMP’s post and parcel solutions provide reliable movement, sorting, weighing and tracking to deliver dependable, high-speed and accurate service.

Application Experience

Each parcel handling system is developed through a non-biased, data-driven, industrial engineering approach.
JMP Solutions has the process improvement engineering expertise to design high-performance solutions with hundreds of successful implementations in low to high volume parcel processing operations across North America. At the core of each solution is the robust convey and sort technology system design, engineered for the rigorous demands of parcel sorting applications.

Parcel Sortation
Sliding Shoe Sorters offer reliable high-speed parcel sorting, ideal for a variety of product sizes and shapes such as soft packs, polybags and corrugated boxes.

Conveyor Solutions
A wide range of conveyors, including slider-bed, are available for postal and parcel distribution. Flexible solutions handle inconsistent shapes and sizes, and increase speed and accuracy for weighing, tracking and delivery.

Unit Sortation
Tilt-Tray and Cross-belt sorters are utilized in high-capacity, high-speed post and parcel sorting environments. These products are ideal for a variety of product sizes and shapes including envelopes, soft packs, polybags and corrugated boxes.

Operator Platforms
Custom Operator Platforms are built specifically for our customer’s applications. The customer’s direct involvement at the design stage ensures the operator platform has all the features required for the project.


The manufacturing industry in North America continues to evolve despite the significant impact of recent global economic factors. The sector remains a driving force for innovation, jobs, and prosperity. JMP Solutions is invested in providing solutions supporting the manufacturing of goods covering a wide range of industries, from food and beverages to pharmaceuticals, iron and steel, textiles, as well as lumber, tobacco, automobiles, aerospace and petrochemicals.

Equipment manufacturers are under pressure to produce products with exceptional performance and functionality at a competitive price while complying with increasing regulatory requirements.

The efficiency of production for manufacturers is dependent on material handling. The storage, conveyance and handling systems designed and developed by JMP significantly reduce costs, increase productivity, and create a safer, more ergonomic production environment.

Application Experience

Conveyor Solutions
Our combination of standard and custom engineered components allow us to create conveyor solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.  Our solutions encompass both pallet and tote conveying, and cover a wide range of application-specific technology including belt, roller, chain-driven live roller, motor driven roller, etc.

Vertical Conveyors
Continuous vertical conveyors are designed to accept product horizontally, convey it vertically and discharge it horizontally; all in one continuous non-stop operation.

Heavy Duty Scissor Lifts, Turntables, & Tilters
JMP Solutions excels at building hydraulic and pneumatic scissor lifts for positioning material and work. Scissor Lifts are ideal for in-feeding and out-feeding, transferring of material, order picking as well as sorting for freight lifts and loading docks.

Custom Work Platforms
Custom Work Platforms are built specifically for our customers’ applications. The customer’s direct involvement at the design stage will ensure the lift platform has all the features and performance required for the project.

Auto-Guided Vehicle Solutions
These labour cost reduction units offer continuous, un-manned operation on both regulated and dynamic paths. JMP enhances the value of an AGV investment through the design and development of custom-engineered appliances to allow AGVs to interact with other material handling equipment on the plant floor.


Retail Distribution and Order Fulfillment Centers are a core part of JMP Solutions’ business focus. Fast moving inventory, SKU management, and a wide array of products create complex material handling challenges for distribution centers. JMP Solutions prides itself on developing DC solutions from the ground up based on our years of experience in solving problems like these. Our history of turn-key solution design for distribution centers allows us to combine the latest technologies and design innovation and apply them to our customers’ requirements. Higher accuracy, faster order fulfilment processing, and SKU proliferation are all integral parts of the engineered systems we provide for distribution markets.

Application Experience

Carton Sortation
In distribution environments, sortation systems are designed to meet the growing demand for smaller order sizes and shipping accuracy while improving efficiency in distribution centers.
Sortation is an ideal solution for separating products from upstream conveyor systems into shipping lanes or other packaging areas. Several sortation devices are available to suit both low and high-speed requirements, for an extensive variety of product types.

A 90° sort method for mixed carton sizes, rates as high as 40 cartons per minute, sorts weights up to 75 lbs.

Diverter Arms
A 45° sort method for mixed carton sizes, rates as high as 60 cartons per minute, sorts weights up to 75 lbs, can be controlled electronically or used manually.

Motorized Drive Roller Sorters (MDR)
A low voltage (24VDC) option sorter that pops up and diverts cartons at 30° or 90°. Low impact sortation, ideal for a broad range of carton sizes and weights up to 75 lbs, rates up to 100 cartons per minute off of conventional live roller MDR Conveyor.

Multi Belt Sorter
Ideal sort solution for shipping and receiving operations with higher volume requirements. Rates of 100 cartons per minute at speeds of up to 400 FPM. Versatile designs allow for both 30°, and 90° divert layouts.

Sliding Shoe Sorter
High-speed carton sortation is typical to shipping operations for mixed cartons. Sort rates 200 + cartons per minute, at speeds of up to 600 FPM. Both Pneumatic and Magnetic divert switch options are available.

Food & Beverage

JMP Solutions combines expertise in manufacturing, electrical controls, mechanical installation and engineering services with decades of application experience in the Food and Beverage industry. JMP Solutions provides an extensive range of optimization solutions for your facilities.

Application Experience

Transportation, accumulation and sortation conveyor solutions
Our combination of standard and custom engineered components allow us to create conveyor solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.

Spiral, continuous and reciprocating vertical conveyors
The JMP Solutions team of engineers and technologists are qualified to design and engineer solutions using up-to-date product databases and versions of Inventor and Autocad software packages.

Pallet conveyors, turntables and transfer cars
Our primary advantage as a turn-key solutions provider is simple: we do not outsource the services that mean the most to our clients.

Automated stretch wrappers
Over and above our product offerings, we have full control, under one roof, of all key elements of our business

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