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How would an Onsite Assessment benefit your company?

At JMP Solutions we have a culture of assume nothing. We are an engineering company that constantly evolves the engineering of own processes to deliver the best for our clients. One of our key tools is our Production Lifecycle Framework that employs best practices that can be leveraged in different applications.

The key to successful application deployment is working with customers before the engagement begins. Our customers are great at identifying the outcomes they want to achieve for their businesses, however, where they need help is identifying the solutions that will get them to those outcomes.

This is where the JMP Onsite Assessment comes in. We start with an initial customer meeting where we begin to outline and quantify the specific business outcomes to be met. In addition, we provide operability reports, process definition work, system and plant inspection, and other management tools — all before we recommend a solution. This work results in an Industrial Automation Roadmap that will lay out the map to true Return on Investment.

An Onsite Assessment will focus on the technical requirements of the project and provide a rough investment cost for the engagement. From there, we agree on the project scope and determine success factors, a timeline, and the future roadmap.

One benefit of this engagement is that JMP will be on-site to review the company infrastructure and perform an audit to determine how we can help:

  • increase quality, throughput and safety
  • decrease cost and risk
  • positively impact time to market

The assessment can also work through issues like yield improvement, energy management, efficiency tracking, compliance, and supply chain coordination.

The Onsite Assessment process helps define and outline solutions to meet business outcomes. Our team goes through a structured set of questions in order to dissect your current issues and provide a data-rich assessment to exceed your standards. In our initial assessment meeting, we determine key performance metrics, clarify next steps and the solutions we can deploy to effect change.

Throughout the process, you will learn about automation solutions, services, and the strategies we employ to complete the project on-time, on-budget, on-scope and with minimal risk. Our execution methodologies are battle-tested and proven on more than 20,000 projects with Fortune 1000 companies.

Our Onsite Assessment process provides a roadmap to project success. Our professionals will act as your consultant, your contractor, your representative, your engineer and your production support.

How would an Onsite Assessment benefit your business? Contact JMP and let us show you.

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