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Pipeline Hack Raises Questions and Concerns

How secure is your industrial network? Do you have shared passwords? While working on OT related networks, can you access the internet and your email? If you have been following the news and happen to work in a process or manufacturing facility, you are probably thinking about how secure your environment is, and if it is […]

Prebuilt Industrial Data Centre

Fully Configured, Plug & Play Customized IDC

Remote Connectivity
and Support

Secure and Reliable Remote Access, Network Infrastructure and Support Services

Industrial IT Roadmap

IIoT, Networking, Cybersecurity Assessment and Optimization Planning

Disaster Recovery: Redundancy and Backup

Proactive IT / OT Availability and Recovery Planning

Networking & Security – Secure and Safe Remote Connectivity

Learn more about remote connectivity strategies in industrial automation and control system networks.

Protecting Your Business from Security Threats

There is a diverse landscape of threats that are becoming increasingly prevalent to organizations of all sizes. Protecting your business from security threats with a proactive approach will ensure your data and production environment are not at risk. No one security method is sufficient in this landscape to protect what is of value to your […]

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