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Digital Transformation: What does that even mean, and where do I start?

The digitization of manufacturing and ongoing industrial evolution towards Industry 4.0 is a trend that simply can’t be ignored and one which, when properly strategized and implemented will allow the organizations who embrace it to establish significant competitive advantage. Smart factories driven by cyber-physical systems monitoring physical processes, processing vast amounts of data, and autonomously acting through decentralized decision-making systems are emerging throughout every industry as the innovators and technology leaders in each strive to lead the way in productivity, efficiency, compliance and analytics.  Interconnectivity through IIoT delivers the ability for sensors, machinery, and IT infrastructure to connect and communicate with each other and react multi-directionally, not only locally but across an entire enterprise including various component manufacturing, stocking and final production facilities. 

Many of our customers are at different stages on their digital journey on route to an IIoT supported transformation. They can be thinking about, planning, designing, enhancing, or replacing systems in their operations. They have been watching the multitude of industry trends in the modernization of manufacturing with the availability of management systems, smarter connected equipment, advanced visualization, analytics, and learning systems that promise to bring their process to the next level of performance and productivity. The biggest and most commonly seen challenge in this process is actually taking that first step and understanding where to begin this journey of operational evolutions, transformation and change.

One of the most important concepts to embrace is that the journey itself is a process and getting started does not need to be a daunting task. One of the core foundations of digitization and modernization efforts is the connectivity and visualization of valuable process data. This can be accomplished by enabling the connection and collection of process data right on the production floor and making the data available on premise. The flexibility to work with actionable information at the source without leaving the facility, but also be able to extend to external or cloud-based systems as a future enhancement is available with edge-based solutions. These solutions can be integrated into the current process and work in parallel to your stage of implementation. The realized benefits to enabling the information help to guide you in the process and remain focused on the efforts that provide real value and improvement. Our goal is to provide valuable solutions that provide manufacturers with insights into their production data and processes to improve performance and optimize operations with ease.

At JMP, big data and analytics driven digital manufacturing system design and implementation is a core competency and one in which we possess a great amount of experience across multiple platforms throughout the Transportation, Food & Beverage, Consumer Packaged Goods, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Water and Pulp & Paper industries. Our unique expertise lies in evaluating your process to identify inefficiencies and bottlenecks in order to develop custom fit digitization options through which we will illustrate well-defined, measurable value as well as a clear path forward and integration timeline. Learn more about how Intuition by JMP can help you to take that step towards embarking on your digital transformation journey.

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