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Industries We Serve

Consumer Packaged Goods

Through our extensive automation experience, JMP can help you automate non-value-added processes so you can reallocate labour to more value-added activities. Integration of a comprehensive data-enabled information system will help you improve product quality, shorten customer recall times (should they happen), and provide a greater understanding of your production environment.

Our Engineers collaborate and work with your Engineering and Maintenance teams to provide solutions that are easy to maintain and compliment your existing systems and engineering standards.  Our extensive platform experience enables us to provide you with solutions that are long-term, reliable and efficient. In the Consumer Packaged Goods industry, we understand the importance of minimizing downtime, increasing throughput and having flexible systems with quick changeover times.

Industry Specific Expertise

As true experts in our focused industries, we understand your risks and concerns, speak your language, and develop solutions based on your desired business priorities. The dedicated expertise of our seven individual application divisions provides the unique capability to evaluate your operations from every angle; introducing thoughtful and innovative solutions which commonly address previously unrecognized inefficiencies or risks. Our collaborative approach ensures that you are always an integral part of the process with exceptional communication being our promise to you, a process which ensures success and develops long standing business relationships.

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