AGV Material Handling
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Automated Guided Vehicles

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Divisional Overview

Our AGV division is committed to developing and integrating innovative solutions that address specific customer needs utilizing cutting edge automation and robotics technologies. Automated Guided Vehicles and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AGVs and AMRs) are at the forefront of innovation in streamlining material movement processes while improving plant safety and overall process efficiency. AGVs and AMRS are not simply stand-alone delivery mechanisms, rather a component of a fully integrated industrial solution. To maximize their efficiency, they must work co-operatively as an integral part of a sophisticated plant automation and control solution. We will provide a safe, predicable and well-defined material movement solution that will also have a high degree of flexibility for adaption to your evolving operations.


Standardized Solutions

AGV / AMR Supervisory Control Module

Advanced Control Logic for Autonomous Vehicle System Integration

AMR engine delivery map
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Wind / Unwind Robotic Spool Tending

Automated Robotic Bulk Material Movement

Wind Unwind Robotic Spool Tending Render
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AGV / AMR Material Movement

Innovative Autonomous Material Handling Solutions

Autonomous Mobile Robot with Appliance Attached Render
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We strive to be a leading integrator of AGV and AMR technologies, enabling the technology to do amazing things for our customers through collaborative integration of these systems into their higher-level control and automation architectures.

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